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Right Partnership for the Right Project: MaxinAI x Vlad

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Right Partnership for the Right Project: MaxinAI x Vlad

MaxinAI is always searching for challenging projects that require out-of-the-box thinking and exceptional talent. Throughout the years, we’ve partnered with plenty of startups and huge companies. This time, we collaborated with Vlad on a complex project that involved the creation of multiple smart contracts and minting pages. With our contribution and blockchain expertise, we guaranteed the successful execution of the project.  

About Vlad 

Our Partner is an entrepreneur and the Lead Acquisition Expert with a lengthy experience in the industry. In the scope of our partnership, we provide their clients with development services whenever needed. 

Why did Vlad choose to work with MaxinAI?  

Vlad had a client – a company that needed expert blockchain developers to work on a complex and multi-layered project. They were looking for a highly responsible and qualified team that would take on a task and handle the execution from the beginning to the end. Knowing that we had extensive experience in AI and Big Data, Our Partner reached out to us to discuss the details of the project. With multiple success stories and comprehensive crypto knowledge, we were an obvious choice for their client. 

One of the most significant benefits we offered was the dedicated team that included all the necessary resources. In particular, we provided the client with a project manager, two solidity developers, a tech lead, and a front-end developer. By doing so, it was possible to consolidate the workflow and achieve better results. 

But working with MaxinAI had other significant benefits which included: 

  • Fast development with impeccable end results; 
  • In-depth expertise in software and blockchain development;
  • Affordable pricing compared to our competitors;
  • Exceptional professionals within the team; 
  • High level of English competency to ensure undisrupted communication; 
  • Modern project management approaches; 
  • The virtually tax-free environment thanks to our location;
  • Timely delivery. 

Partnering with MaxinAI was a simple decision for Vlad as they already knew we’d handle the project with a high level of responsibility and deliver everything we had promised. As a result, we discussed the requirements of the client and started collaborating on the project shortly after. 

The project 

The project involved the development of six smart contracts and two minting pages for two separate Web3 projects that were closely intertwined. The client wanted to incorporate unique functionalities into the smart contract to ensure the smooth and accurate execution of their projects. 

To satisfy the requirements, our team had to solve multiple challenges such as: 

  • Creating whitelisting and upgradability options; 
  • Implementing a timelock that would lock a certain functionality of a smart contract for a specific period; 
  • Enabling Vesting for primary parties contributing to the project such as the team, partners, consultants, etc.; 
  • Incorporating Voting & Governance-related functions; 
  • Determining the conditions of minting and ensuring all of them are met before executing the smart contract; 
  • Enabling users to stake NFTs and coins simultaneously. 

By maintaining clear communication with the client and matching their workflow, we were able to solve all the given challenges. We brainstormed possible solutions and implemented them after thorough discussions with the company. 

Even though the final stages of the project are still in development, the most important steps have already been executed. 

The outcomes of the partnership 

The success of the project was demonstrated through the client’s satisfaction. After completing each stage, they confirmed that the expected results were achieved. They particularly enjoyed the transparency of the workflow and error-free execution. Both Vlad and the company valued the insights and suggestions provided by our team during the development. They deemed incorporated solutions as convenient and innovative. 

The smart contracts and minting pages are undergoing a thorough testing process to ensure a successful launch. We use tried-and-true auditing practices to ensure faultless operation. 

The collaboration with our partner and their client was just one of the multiple complex projects we’ve worked on throughout our experiences. Partner with us and build successful projects with our talented team! 

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