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Discover Maxinai Through Our Employee Value Proposition

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Discover Maxinai Through Our Employee Value Proposition

When hiring, companies try to attract talent with different factors such as high salaries or prestigious positions. 

While these points are important to employees, the most significant thing is to create an environment where staff can feel valued, happy, and most importantly, have a clear path of professional and personal development.

However, the challenge for companies is to really stand out when mentioning these benefits. 

Why is that? Because they are overused, and while many include these benefits in job postings, few actually provide them.

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This created a challenge for MaxinAI – how can we show our potential team members that the benefits we list are the benefits we actually provide?

That’s when we decided to share with you our Employee Value Proposition (EVP) – our promise to employees in exchange for their invaluable commitment.

This way, you can take a look behind the closed curtains and get first impressions about MaxinAI – what our company culture is like and what kind of people work here. 

However, we have to warn you, reading the text to the end can cause a serious desire to work for us! 

MaxinAI Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Now that you’ve been warned, why don’t we jump in and show you what MaxinAI is really about? Below you can find responses from some of our team members:

for me MaxinAI is

MaxinAI is a young company, full of passionate, open-minded, creative, and determined people. In order to give their passion and creativity a way to develop into something meaningful, we need to accommodate them accordingly.  

That is the reason why our company motivates and gives its members the freedom to: 

  • Experiment continuously
    We are not afraid of experimenting; every mistake is an opportunity to learn.  We are constantly motivated by the company and each other to become better versions of ourselves by having the freedom to make independent decisions.
    We are opposed to classic bureaucracy and hierarchy – more paperwork means less work getting done and fewer experiments being held.
  • Achieve the impossible
    We have access to all the tools necessary to improve our skills and develop abilities. With team members’ constant support and determination, we make even unachievable things possible.
    We work in agile teams and distribute the workload evenly, this way each member is equally responsible for the end result of the project.
  • Create meaning
    We work on interesting projects that really do make a difference and generate a positive impact in the world. If you have an idea for a project but never had enough support to get started, now you can be an initiator!
    Every new idea is welcome and appreciated. By initiating, you create the meaning of your work, by yourself – do what you love and enjoy. 

Want to know more? 

Do you resonate with the points mentioned above and want to find out more about MaxinAI? That’s great news because we have so much more to tell. 

Send us your CV and tell us about yourself, we would love to know more about your experience, hobbies and aspirations. This way we can get to know you better and schedule an introductory call.

To check out all the open positions at the moment click here. Hope to see you among our team members soon.

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© 2021 - MaxinAI | All Rights Reserved