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How AI Can Help Brands Improve Their Social Media Activities

How AI Can Help Brands Improve Their Social Media Activities

Social media was initially created for people to upload photos and make friends. However, it didn’t take long for companies to realize that social media presence plays an important role in brand recognition, marketing, customer relationship, and overall business growth.

Today, most businesses can be found on social media like Facebook or Twitter. These platforms are so popular that it often happens that customers visit the company’s social media page before their website. In fact, research shows that 91% of American businesses use social media.

With more and more companies joining social media, competition became fiercer and customers more demanding. The introduction of new tools and strategies to win customers on social networks made the process more complicated and difficult than it seems.

Fortunately, solutions such as artificial intelligence can help different teams in your company, such as marketing, customer service and sales, to order social media activities well, increasing their efficiency and effectiveness. Let’s find out exactly how it does that. 

Customer feedback analysis 


Online business reviews have a significant influence on the purchasing behavior of potential customers. Regardless of your marketing efforts and strategies, online reviews are of greater importance and weight to customers. 

However, customer feedback is not only important for branding, it also serves as a vital tool to improve your product or service and find the improvement gaps. 

No one knows your product better than your customers. That’s why listening to them gives you access to priceless business-critical information and also makes your users feel truly valued and important, helping with customer retention.

However, with so many different social media platforms, it became very difficult to keep track of each customer’s sentiment, extract important information, and act on it. This is exactly why AI-powered sentiment analysis is vital to businesses.

Using natural language processing (NLP) and neural networks, AI-powered solutions take seconds to analyze mountains of customer feedback data, rank it by sentiment and extract the most important keywords.

This way, your team will have access to already analyzed important information, and instead of wasting time reading reviews, the team will be proactive and work towards customer satisfaction based on insights from the feedback.

Fake follower check 

Another novelty that came with social media was influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that involves endorsement and product placement of influencers – people who have the power to influence other purchasing decisions due to their experience or knowledge in the specific field.

Brands spend a lot of money to appear in an influencer feed due to the large number of followers that the person has. However, if the followers are not authentic, the commitment and the money invested were not worth it.

With the help of machine learning algorithms, AI systems can analyze different criteria of authenticity, such as engagement rate, number of followers, number of posts, etc. 

All of these details provide businesses with crucial information to avoid targeting the wrong audience resulting in a loss of money.


AI-powered chatbots use natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning that simulate human conversations and provide thoughtful responses to customer inquiries. Such a system is much more advanced than automated responses, as AI chatbots understand customer intent.

Thanks to this solution, companies can reduce service costs and, at the same time, offer continuous support to customers.

Using chatbots is a perfect way to improve the customer experience, as your service agents are free from repetitive tasks and can focus on more meaningful interactions with customers.

Ad automation 


Analyzing and optimizing online advertising campaigns on platforms such as Google Adwords or Facebook is not an easy task and requires considerable time to master.

Tracking ad performance becomes a challenge when companies have dozens of different versions of each campaign.

Analyzing the data provided by these platforms such as impressions, cost per click, click-through rate, conversions, etc. can certainly be overwhelming and time-consuming.

By gaining access to data such as ad spend, target audience, ad creatives, the AI-powered solution can automatically identify the best performing ads, optimize how much to bid on them and identify the best target audience. 

Because artificial intelligence systems can analyze a large amount of data in seconds, ad automation becomes especially valuable for companies with many ad sets and ad campaigns.


Today, most of your clients and potential customers are on social media, regardless of the industry you operate in. That’s why doing your best on these platforms gives you the opportunity to better connect with your customers, increase your brand awareness, and boost your sales. To achieve this successfully, AI solutions can be a perfect tool.

AI can be seen as a superpower for social media marketing activities due to its benefits. AI can identify your best-performing campaigns, notify you of trends, optimize your advertising, and free your staff from repetitive manual labor.

If you want to take your social media marketing to the next level, schedule a free consultation call with our artificial intelligence experts and let us show you how our AI solutions can help your brand shine on social media.

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