AI-powered IP security cameras

Benefits of AI-powered IP security cameras for a business

Benefits of AI-powered IP security cameras for a business

Video cameras in stores became an everyday occurrence. And while many of us are concerned about the privacy issues that the rise of video surveillance brings, we cannot forget the benefits that come with this technology.

Having CCTV cameras on your premises warns potential thieves of the risk of arrest and reduces the likelihood of theft. 

Since many private companies cannot afford private security, they consider security cameras to be the best means of ensuring safety and avoiding the risk of loss and damage.

However, while video surveillance helps companies identify and catch criminals red-handed, it still has its shortcomings, namely the human error factor.

Because these systems require the full attention and dedication of human staff, certain important and noteworthy events may go unnoticed or may be overlooked.

This is exactly where Artificial Intelligence (AI) comes in and helps companies take their video security to the next level. Let’s explore how exactly AI does that. 

What is Artificial Intelligence and how is it used in surveillance? 

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human intelligence using machines. Artificial intelligence systems use data to identify patterns, make predictions, and take appropriate actions.

AI’s ability to automate tasks with high precision, increased speed, and reduced costs made the solution very popular and widely used in almost every industry, and the security sector is no exception.

AI operates the same way in surveillance. Machine learning (ML) algorithms are trained on stored data, video footage, from surveillance cameras, where they learn to detect, classify and recognize different objects or identify people.

Such AI-powered solutions can be integrated into the company’s security system, where it is possible to automate visitor tracking, prohibited object identification, employee monitoring, and other important details.

What are the benefits of AI-powered security cameras?  

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Let’s explore the benefits that Artificial Intelligence-powered video security offers businesses.

Improved accuracy 

As we mentioned above, since regular security cameras are operated by real people, there is room for human error. Perhaps in a small store, this form of supervision will be effective, however, keeping track of what is happening becomes especially difficult in a large facility with a considerable number of visitors.

Our attention span can be adversely affected by several factors, one of which is repetitive and mundane tasks. Studies have shown that the average human’s attention sap begins to decline significantly after just 20 minutes.

With the help of the data, the AI-powered system can be trained to identify each event and trigger alarms in the case of an unusual occurrence or behavior. With AI video surveillance, regardless of facility size or a number of visitors, companies can be confident that no detail or threat will go unnoticed due to fatigue or human error.

24/7 surveillance 

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A business may have numerous cameras on its premises, however, it requires multiple staff shifts to ensure uninterrupted monitoring, which is not possible for most companies

However, with the help of artificial intelligence, companies can overcome these challenges and have uninterrupted monitoring. Even if the location is closed, AI-powered video systems can provide real-time surveillance and analysis of the location’s security status and trigger alerts in the event of an urgent situation, without the need for human interference.

Decreased costs


Not only can businesses save money by freeing security personnel from continuous video screen monitoring, they can also significantly reduce false alarms caused by user error or non-threatening triggers such as animals or flashlights.


Monitoring facilities and ensuring the safety of your staff and customers is of the utmost importance, therefore AI-powered video surveillance can be a great tool for companies to automate and transfer monitoring to a self-learning, intelligent security system that can guarantee higher safety, higher precision and cost-effectiveness.

If this solution and its benefits are interesting to you, and you would like to know more about how it can benefit your company, schedule a free consultation call with our AI experts and let’s discuss together how our services can help make your company more safe.

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