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MaxinAI as a co-host – Amazon Web Services knowledge sharing for free

MaxinAI as a co-host – Amazon Web Services knowledge sharing for free

The on-demand delivery of IT services over the Internet, such as servers, databases, analytics, software, etc., is known as cloud computing. With cloud computing, companies do not need to own and maintain physical data centers and servers and can instead directly access the technology services of the cloud provider.

This is what makes businesses of all sizes around the world embrace cloud computing and invest more in this solution. 

  • 2019 research from tech professionals showed that 94% of respondents are already using cloud solutions.

Such great interest and rapid adoption of cloud services means that professionals with cloud skills are in high demand, however finding them is not an easy task, making employees with cloud skills even more valuable to businesses.

MaxinAI co-hosts free AWS certification study group

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the most widely adopted cloud service platforms offering database storage and computing power with many other functionalities.

Because most of the world’s largest companies run at least a portion of their operations in the AWS cloud, that’s why AWS certification became more valuable and important to IT professionals.

One of the main objectives of MaxinAI is to provide free education and useful information to aspiring professionals in the Information Technology (IT) sector.

So, in addition to the School of AI event, our team decided to partner up with AWS User Group Tbilisi and co-host a free program that aims to provide the necessary resources and assistance to individuals planning to take AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification.

How is the program conducted?


The program is conducted online  in a study group format, which means that attendees get MaxinAI’s prepared curriculum with resources and a list of topics to learn and later discuss during the event.

The study group format promotes the exchange of knowledge among the attendees, which enhances the collaborative and learning culture of the participants. 

However, in addition to the knowledge sharing, 2 of MaxinAI’s AWS-certified DevOps engineers are present during the event, who answer questions and provide necessary assistance to participants.

The goal of the program is to create a friendly and comfortable environment where everyone can come together and share their thoughts and knowledge. It will last 8 weeks and the duration of each session will be around 1 hour.

What will the program give the participants?

A participant who follows the curriculum and does the required work will have the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully complete the AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification. 

The fee for the certification is 150$, so it is important for a participant to have peace of mind and know that they prepared properly for the exam.

According to the Global Knowledge research, the top two IT certifications by salary are in Cloud Industry and AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate is second on the charts. 

Therefore, it is worth investing time and energy in this certification, since IT professionals with cloud computing skills are in high demand and get the largest paychecks in the industry.

MaxinAI will always support exciting projects that help professionals improve their skills and guarantee them the necessary knowledge of the future. Also, organizers say that due to the great interest and high participation, the AWS study group will definitely not be a one-time event and will be held again in the future.

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