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The CEO of MaxinAI is a member of the Forbes 30 under 30 jury

The CEO of MaxinAI is a member of the Forbes 30 under 30 jury

Founded in 1917, Forbes is a global media company that for more than a century has been publishing content on business, innovation, entrepreneurship and lifestyle.

With its strong reputation, Forbes has access to the world’s most influential entrepreneurs, politicians, artists, and leaders. 

Therefore, it is no wonder that every event and summit organized and hosted by Forbes is always in the spotlight and highly anticipated by attendees.

One of those summits that has evolved into a huge success is Forbes 30 Under 30. The event is about young entrepreneurs and innovators who are building the future of business and society with their creative and bold minds.

In just 10 years, Forbes 30 under 30 reached milestones such as:

  • 200+ World-Class Speakers
  • 9K+ Global Attendees
  • 500+ Top Investors
  • 2.3B Social Reach

Forbes Georgia

Forbes 30 under 30 is an event that takes place in almost all regions and countries, and Georgia is no exception. For some years now, Georgian entrepreneurs who have achieved success before their 30s have been competing in this event.

In 2018, David Khosroshvili, the CEO of MaxinAI was on the list of entrepreneurs chosen by the jury. This year he still participates in the event, however, from a different place, as a jury himself.

Here is what he had to say about the event: 

“Participating in Forbes 30 under 30 is a great honor and opens many doors for young entrepreneurs. Nominees can mention it on their profiles like LinkedIn and gain access to a wider audience and a broader pool of investors.

The event  serves as a public recognition and acknowledgment to entrepreneurs that they are on the right track and should continue with what they are doing.

In 2018, when I was one of the nominees of the event, I remember my friends from all over the world like the United States and Chile congratulating me. This once again shows the international recognition that Forbes 30 under 30 has.

Since our country still remains undiscovered in some parts of the world, this is especially important for Georgian entrepreneurs who are marketing themselves to a global audience. 

Mentioning that they have been selected in Forbes 30 under 30 gives them a special promotion and validation when networking with investors internationally.

The event also has a great impact on the popularization of our country and I hope that more and more young Georgian entrepreneurs will participate in it in the future ”.

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