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Ancient activity with a modern twist – energy and cost reduction in farms with the help of computer vision

Ancient activity with a modern twist – energy and cost reduction in farms with the help of computer vision

MaxinAI solution helped an Ireland-based customer automate livestock monitoring and tracking – improving farm operational efficiency and ultimately reducing costs.


Agriculture is an ancient activity that researchers believe was “invented” around 12,000 years ago and has been present in daily human life ever since. 

Despite the fact that this sector is one of the leading occupations among the population in the countryside, it still lags behind other sectors in terms of underdeveloped methodologies and the use of obsolete techniques. More specifically, there is a demand for safer and more effective operations within this sector. 

Innovative solutions such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and computer vision have penetrated many sectors and demonstrated the untapped potential that can be achieved within the agricultural sector in terms of improving operational efficiency. 

Fortunately, more and more farms are starting to follow this positive trend. One of them is our client from Ireland that wanted to improve the operational and financial efficiency of its farm. 

What is computer vision?

Let’s start with the definition of computer vision, which is defined as the extraction and analysis of information from images or videos to be used in applications such as robotics, security systems and self-driving cars.  

Computer vision has several applications within large industrial areas such as manufacturing, surveillance and even medicine. 

An application that we will focus on is the use of computer vision in the agricultural sector, which has many benefits such as crop yield, cost and energy reduction.  


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Our solution is based on computer vision and acquires data on livestock from cameras installed in the facility. With the help of cameras, images and videos are automatically analyzed and meaningful insights are gained, without the need for human intervention.  

The solution recognizes and counts the livestock, as well as their activities such as how long the cattle are being milked. Livestock detection and recognition helps farms operate more efficiently for higher productivity and lower costs by controlling animal diseases and tracking livestock to ensure their safety.

In addition to livestock, the activities of human personnel are also being tracked and analyzed. The system also shows exactly when activities were carried out so that operations can be adjusted and changed according to the need. In this way, users can obtain details about cows that were previously difficult to identify, such as the reason for their illness and body condition. 

Another reason users get better and more accurate information on the condition of cattle is that in the presence of a human, cows have evolved to hide most of the early signs of lameness. In many cases, cows can go on for weeks with hurting legs before showing obvious signs of limping. The delay in injury identification negatively affects food intake, milk production, fertility, and longevity. 

However, when the injury becomes apparent, most of the time the damage worsens and the cow’s productivity is hampered for a considerable period of time. This can have catastrophic consequences for a farmer if it happens to several animals at the same time.

The advantage of our solution is that when cows are being monitored with smart cameras, they do not feel the human presence and their actions are not disguised, giving more genuine information about their health.

With our solution, the client was able to prevent the aforementioned incidents and optimize various operations such as energy savings, human resources savings and other costs, achieving the advantages of high efficiency and high precision. 

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  • PyTorch
  • Python
  • Deep learning 
  • Computer vision algorithms  

Time for a change 

The opportunities are limitless when it comes to artificial intelligence in the agricultural industry. Replacing manual labor with automation, whenever possible, is important for reducing costs and improving productivity. However, it becomes especially important for farms, as livestock is an essential and significant part of the agricultural sector and the removal of the human factor can contribute to the early identification of injuries in livestock.

If you are a representative of the agricultural sector and you are interested in a similar solution, do not hesitate and schedule a call with our expert.

We will go over your specific use case and offer you a pilot project free of charge!

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