AI fuel efficiency

Fuel Efficiency Improvement Using Artificial Intelligence

Fuel Efficiency Improvement Using Artificial Intelligence

Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular, and while one of the reasons is due to the growing interest in being environmentally friendly, an equally important part is fuel efficiency improvement.

Fuel consumption concerns every driver; However, for companies that specialize in the transportation field, it can be of crucial importance.

Conditions such as poor infrastructure, traffic flow interruptions, increased numbers of vehicles, construction zones, weather conditions, rapid acceleration and deceleration can cause inefficiencies in the fuel consumption of vehicles.

This poses a serious problem for the transportation service companies, as it can result in unnecessary monetary loss for them. 

AI has managed to penetrate the transportation industry and is used for different purposes such as autonomous driving and pedestrian safety, however, companies also started to implement this solution to handle the fuel efficiency challenge.

AI in transportation

The role of AI in the industry has been so prominent that experts predict it will reach $ 3.5 billion by 2023.

The reason AI is so valuable to the industry is thanks to the large amount of data that has been accumulated throughout the years with the help of cameras and sensors installed on the roads and within the cars. 

This data is processed and then analyzed with artificial intelligence systems that help reveal specific patterns and insights that help drivers or passengers make smarter decisions while driving.

Efficient fuel consumption is based on exactly the same process. With the help of smart sensors installed in the vehicles, artificial intelligence provides drivers and company managers with information about average driving speed, unnecessary accelerations, and sharp slowdowns – all things that had an effect on overall fuel consumption. 

The above-mentioned enriched with environmental data on road conditions, weather forecast, population density, number of traffic lights, crash hotspots, etc., helps AI systems to provide better suggestions that help save fuel based on shorter routes, fewer traffic jams, and a lower probability of accidents.

AI-based suggestions help with:

AI suggestion benefits

Shorter routes mean reduced emissions from vehicles, therefore fewer harmful particles are released from automobiles. In today’s world, environmentally friendly business operations can be the primary driver of customer decisions regarding which company to choose for needed services.

Last but not least, travel time is also reduced. This is important regardless of the nature of the business. If it is cargo delivery, customers receive the goods faster, if it is public transport, passengers arrive faster at their destination. The results in all cases are positive.

Choose the right way 

artificial intelligence transportation

Big data and artificial intelligence are the main driving forces in many industries and have been very important in the transportation sector.

Many agree that there is no excuse not to take advantage of all the benefits that this innovative solution offers for your business. 

This is especially true for fuel efficiency, as a single AI solution provides many benefits that are absolutely important to a business: less fuel consumption, faster travel time, and less pollution.

With these points, you not only reduce your costs but also win the hearts of your customers.

To achieve these amazing results, you need to partner with a reliable and experienced company that has the capacity to provide the necessary tools required for implementing AI.

MaxinAI is more than happy to assist you on this journey. If you have an AI-related project in mind, be sure to contact our specialists and take advantage of the free consultation we offer.

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