Cargo AI theft

Artificial Intelligence for cargo theft detection

Artificial Intelligence for cargo theft detection

Online stores have become so widespread that there is a high probability that many of us are currently waiting for the delivery of an order.

For us, it may be just a click to receive the product, but behind this is a complicated supply chain that ensures the process is seamless and that you receive your products in a timely manner. 

An important part of these operations is the shipment itself, however, there is a danger that has been posing a threat to this smooth process and that is cargo theft

Cargo is a term that is used for products and goods transported by ship, plane, or motor vehicle and its fast and safe movement is essential to satisfy the customers waiting for their goods. 

However, while goods go through different stages of the supply chain, there are some groups or individuals who employ many strategies to steal the products before they reach their destination. This is one of the most serious problems for companies, as cargo theft is estimated to cost around $ 15 to $ 30 billion for U.S. businesses each year.

Due to this disturbance, many companies began looking for solutions that would help them avoid cargo theft. But despite great efforts, thieves have been adapting and still come up with a way to successfully steal the goods as research showed that the stealing rate went from 17% to 26% in just one year.

Although the very recent innovative solution against cargo theft, the AI-powered security system, has been giving thieves a real challenge that still remains victorious against criminals.

Preventing theft with AI security system

AI security system

As the role of AI in the cybersecurity industry increased due to its ability to cross-reference different alerts and find genuine data-driven issues, many companies realized that it would also serve as a perfect answer to physical thefts. 

So how can artificial intelligence help prevent physical theft? Well, the one thing we have to remember is that the core of AI is data

Regardless of the industry, the goal of AI solution, or its application methods, most of its techniques are based on having a large amount of data that is a basis for the algorithms to be trained and form models that can operate independently with the data provided. 

The same technology is applied to preventing cargo theft. With the unfortunate accumulated data from:

  • The hotspots where thefts occurred 
  • The types of goods that are stolen the most
  • The period of the day when the crime occurs the most
  • Thousands of hours of real and simulated footage of the theft

And by combining all of this with intelligent deep learning algorithms, you get a system that can inform you of the potential risk and give you a suggestion on the alternative route or transport time to minimize the likelihood of theft.

To maximize safety, trailers can be equipped with security cameras and GPS tracking devices. Security cameras don’t need a person behind the screen to constantly monitor goods. Instead, they are powered by AI and can recognize every threatening or questionable action that alerts human operators to verify the legitimacy of the alert.

Trained artificial intelligence algorithms do a better job of surveillance compared to humans, as it is very difficult for a person to be constantly staring at the screen without interruptions, leaving holes for criminals to use and steal exactly at this moment. 

But with AI, the security system is always vigilant and acts as a 24-hour guard that can see everything and alert you of any abnormalities or shady actions.

Therefore, the system offers more effectiveness and is less expensive in the long term, since there will be no need for different security personnel shifts.

Cargo safety – priority number one

Staying one step ahead of thieves will not only prevent companies from losing money on goods but will also help them maintain a positive relationship with the customer by delivering timely and secure orders, which can be even more valuable than the cost of goods themselves.

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