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The School of AI – How MaxinAI creates the foundation for a better future

The School of AI – How MaxinAI creates the foundation for a better future

As you know, here at MaxinAI, we are proud to be a part of many interesting and impactful projects such as energy demand forecasting or automated data extraction that have helped companies around the world to operate more efficiently.

However, one project we are especially proud of is one that helped contribute to the success of the people involved, enhanced their job opportunities, and exposed them to valuable new experiences for free. 

The project is School of AI, a free educational initiative that offers interested people lectures about AI, led by leading machine learning and NLP experts as well as data scientists. 

The duration of the School of AI was 1 year and from the time of the announcement, it instantly became a trending topic on social media. 

Due to the great interest, there were certain qualification requirements, such as knowledge of the basics of linear algebra, the basics of calculus, and knowledge of one of the programming languages that ensured that attendees got the best value for their time.

The students who attended the lectures were from different backgrounds, from doctors and mathematicians to college students with less academic backgrounds, yet what brought everyone together was great interest and desire to learn machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Bringing people together with different backgrounds and providing them with the tools and skills necessary to develop their knowledge about AI was the main inspiration for the School of AI. 

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“Our motivation was to awaken the interest of young people in AI and also to give the opportunity to those academics who are interested in the field but who struggle with the first steps,” says Levan Tsinadze, AI & Machine Learning Architect and one of the main speakers of the School of AI.

“The project also helped us to once again show Georgia on the world map, as many of the attendees continued with AI, some of them publishing academic articles and others working in prestigious companies.” 

  • What exactly did the School of AI offer attendees to spark such high interest and demand?

“The unique point of the school was its curriculum. Our goal was to offer the full experience of working with AI. Therefore, apart from the theoretical aspect, we also emphasize the same importance in practical experience. So one day we had the theoretical part and the next day practical workshops”.

  • What did the workshops include?

“Data collection, organization and classification as well as training and implementation of the machine learning models were some of the topics that the attendees would address during the workshops.

The goal was to show them real-life scenarios that are drastically different from the books where the data provided is already organized and classified. Going through all of these details gave the students an overview of the entire working process and prepared them for the challenges encountered in real-life. “

  • How does the person who attended the School of AI with little knowledge change after finishing the program?

“If the person started the School of AI with the knowledge of basics of calculus and linear algebra, then with the experience of 1 year of workshops and the theoretical background acquired, after finishing the program, they are fully qualified machine learning engineers.

But also, they leave with an equally important asset which is the new network of people, professionals and academics also interested in the field of Artificial Intelligence.”

  • What are some of the School of AI’s success stories?

“During the study process, we saw talented people of whom some started to work for MaxinAI and continue to be an important part of our company.

Many attendees with newly acquired machine learning experience were able to read lectures at different universities. And some are also helping famous companies in different sectors such as banks, with all the knowledge obtained in the School of AI “

With all the positive experiences and success stories, it is no wonder that we continue to receive so many requests and inquiries from people interested in the School of AI and wondering when it will take place again.

The founders of MaxinAI believe in education and want it to be accessible to everyone. That is why The School of AI will keep paving the way for all those interested in AI with theoretical and practical learning experiences at no cost.

And while recent global developments have altered the way we operate in our daily lives, we are brainstorming new ways for our school to provide the same quality of education that we will announce very soon, so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on our social media channels.

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