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How COVID-19 affected MaxinAI

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How COVID-19 affected MaxinAI

Today, the world is very different from what we knew before. From the deserted streets of the most touristic places to the damaged economies of even the most economically stable countries, the pandemic had its toll on almost everything.

MaxinAI was no exception. The team had to go through some tough changes and get used to the new reality. 

  • The lighthearted chatter over a cup of coffee was replaced by direct messages in Slack 
  • Intense face-to-face brainstorming sessions were substituted by Google Hangouts calls :’(

These changes accompanied with stricter lockdown restrictions were surely not easy to handle.

However, the team did their best to keep their spirits up. With even more care and concern for each other, a special happiness channel on Slack, and delicious gifts every now and then, MaxinAI managed to be closer than ever.

AI to the rescue

One of the things that got the team back on track quickly was that AI was back in the spotlight due to the crisis.

We consider ourselves very fortunate to operate in an industry that was not as affected by the virus as other sectors. In fact, MaxinAI’s services have been in the highest demand, especially during the pandemic. Why is this so? 

Because today a fast, effective and precise response to the pandemic is what decides the survival of organizations. 

Due to the deep economic situation, companies can´t have any margin for error, so making a decision based on data and intelligent analysis is the only correct step to survival.

The demand for automation is at the highest level. Automation is nothing new, as we’ve been hearing about it since the 20th century. However, until today, it was always considered a desirable technology. The difference is that today automation for many companies has become a necessity.

While many organizations were forced to stop operating due to quarantine restrictions and the limit of people in the same room, those who had their operations automated could continue with their work. 

Computer vision at farms

warehouse AI solution

For example, MaxinAI has offered farms an artificial intelligence solution that automates livestock monitoring. With cameras installed in the facilities, details such as the behavior of the animals and their state of health are collected without the need for human intervention.

Aside from the fact that the solution provided farmers with deeper insights, it also gives them the ability to continue their operations despite pandemic restrictions and negative effects.

Force majeure clauses in documents

One of the areas where MaxinAI services are in great demand is document data extraction. With computer vision and OCR, our solution identifies the text, understands its context and extracts it in a matter of seconds.

This has been especially important during the pandemic. The situation created an unfortunate scenario that made it impossible for companies to fulfill their responsibilities. There was a need to find force majeure clauses that would relieve companies of their responsibilities.

This may seem like an easy task, however, the truth is that there are thousands of documents that companies have and they are all written differently with force majeure clauses in different places.

Reviewing this requires an enormous amount of time and resources that, in such emergency situations, companies often did not have. However, with AI-powered systems, organizations were offered a fast and efficient solution that accurately identified text with the snap of a finger.

Energy demand prediction

energy consumption prediction

COVID-19 resulted in an increased demand for domestic energy due to the stay-at-home order. Many businesses became remote, which means that people worked from home and consumed more energy.

The availability of energy for the home became even more important, as it was the deciding factor of people’s availability for work.

MaxinAI with its international experts has helped the energy industry around the world to optimize its operations. Mainly by predicting energy demand.

Using smart algorithms and historical weather data, as well as other environmental factors, we provide power companies with a 24-hour forecast that is important to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted power supply to homes.

A friend in need is a friend indeed

From the beginning, our company focused on building relationships with our clients. Everyone at MaxinAI is proud to work in a company that offers true value for a better world.

So we thought, how can we help our potential clients even more in these difficult times? It didn’t take us long to come up with an idea of free proof of concept (POC). 

To all our potential clients, we offer a free pilot project to verify the feasibility of the proposed project. In this way, they will have free consultations with our experts and will be able to start the deal once they are fully convinced of the viability of the proposed projects.

Where is MaxinAI now?

Although located in Tbilisi, Georgia, MaxinAI is everywhere where the demand for smarter solutions is. Our team knows no borders and is working on international projects around the world.

Despite the pandemic, we were able to continue our operations and acquire new clients in Europe, North America, and South America. We are happy to see increased interest in artificial intelligence solutions and we are excited to be able to help companies get through these unusual times.

If you are also interested in a free consultation or want to know more about our projects, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are always happy to chat!

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© 2021 - MaxinAI | All Rights Reserved